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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

my semi-valiant last-ditch effort to have a part in #PROJECTdecor

Painfully finding myself, once again, on the dull edge of modern technology,  I ask myself a question:

Oh, it's not my usual non-smartphoner musings, like, "If the program is called Twitter, and the messages are "tweets" are the users referred to as "twits?" Or, "Instagram?"  OOOooo it's about time someone created a fast-food s'more chain."

Today I wonder, "How can I participate in the ultimately right-up-my-alley #PROJECTdecor?"

I tried uploading pictures to Twitter, where I received a message that my files were too massive.  I tried dumbing my files down, only to discover I have no time or patience for that.  I tried activating a hand-me-down smart phone, only to be told by the customer service rep that the ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY WE CAN'T HELP YOU WITHOUT IT THANKS FOR YOUR MONEY HOPE YOU FIND IT activation code was on the long-since discarded packaging...  Sigh.  So, lastly, I'm going to link up by posting my own blog entry, not because I choose to be a loner, or think I'm above joining the rest, but that I have exhausted my sad technological options.  But enough wordiness,  because, if you're anything like me, you don't even notice the text in the home-improvement magazine, it's all about the PHOTOS.
This stuffed garage sale find was the inspiration piece for the entire room.  I just love  the  hand knitted  "Dad" bear with his little son.  Such a unique toy (with fabulous colors, I might add.)  The blanket/comforter is two pieces of fleece from the fabric store, a pattern sewn onto a solid orange.  I like the way it looks folded over with just a sneaky bit of orange popping out.

I couldn't part with these "half" curtains, handmade by my grandmother.  Originally, I thought I could never use them because they didn't "fit" the taller windows in our new house.  But, Grandma came over one day and hung them halfway, just so we could have a bit of privacy until we found new ones.  Guess what?  You know what.  Yeah. They "fit" perfectly, don't they? 
Garage sale score!  Couldn't find one of these that I liked ANYWHERE!  And then BLAM outta nowhere  I spied it among the dusty felt Christmas bows and the polyester ties.  Embarrassed to lose my composure over a yard-sale growth chart, I blamed the single teardrop on (ahem, fake sneeze & nose wipe for added believability) - allergies.

The dresser on the left was given as a wedding gift to my grandmother in 1940-something.  When she moved from a house to a small apartment she decided to leave it to the new home owners.  Fortunately, her grand-daughter wasn't having it.  Well, actually, she was having it - for herself that is.  She's sanded and repainted it a couple of times since then.  The mural was a blast.  I kinda made it up as I went.  I don't usually wing it, but, sometimes you've just got to forgo tedious sketching and blue prints, and just flow with it.  Polka-dotted leaves?  Answer:  POLKA DOTTED ANYTHING = YES.  We do polka dots in this house - lots of them.
Handed down from big sister, this bookshelf serves as a great guitar stand.  Guitar strap is a belt made by an  a tribesman in Northern Argentina.

"Christina, are those clothes hung on your old shower curtain rod?"  Yes, yes they are.  Notice the adorable sized violin hanging alongside.  My little man is a full blown musician.  He's a bit of an accessory guy as well.  He loves his hats and "straps" or as I call them, ties.

A church closing her  doors graciously allowed us to come and take anything we might use.  I picked this orange wall organizer because I had a few very important pieces to file.

The frames are from his formerly frogs room.  I replaced amphibian drawings with something even lovelier :)
then added some wired ribbon I found in my gift wrapping supplies.  The books are stored in another garage sale find.  I paid a dollar for this magazine display.
Reach for the stars?  Absolutely.  But, usually this is where someone reaches for dry-erase markers... but, sometimes it's really hard to put things back where you found them, especially if you're four.

Wow.  I took pictures of some other rooms too, but golly-geewillakers, this would go on forever if I did another living space tonight.

Thanks  Tabitha, for letting me kinda-sorta participate! xoxo