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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Have you ever eaten a booger?

Michael, my husband, is a wonderful violinist.  Last night he performed with a chamber orchestra.  I took two seven year old girls with me to the performance.  We arrived an hour early so Michael would have ample time to tune with the group.  Although the performance itself was beyond beautiful, the warm up, as always, sounded like somebody was lighting both cats, and elephants on fire.  Running low on asprin, I decided to take the girls to a nearby ice cream shop for a before-the-show treat.  I sent them to a booth to wait for me as I purchased vanilla cones and some horrific brown liquid the store claimed to be coffee (NOTE, Christina's advice on Dairy Queen - Blizzard yes, Coffee NEVER).

     Anywho, I got to the table just in time to catch a rousing game of Truth or Dare.  When it was my turn to ask them a "Truth" question I was ready.  I had just the question to incite giggles that would make soft-serve fly through their noses.  I looked right at them and said, "Have you ever eaten a booger?" To my great surprise they looked at me with poker-faces and said, "Yes." in unison, and then they rolled their eyes at me like I was stupid.  "We already asked that when you were gone, Mom.", said the blonde one. "Yeah, everybody asks that one right away.", said the brunette. "Oh.", said the one who paid for the ice cream.  They explained to me that it wasn't a very good question because everybody has eaten a booger.

      And while that's probably true, most people probably think about their booger eating days as, disgusting, and most likely don't want anybody else to know about the fact that they've indeed done such a nasty thing.

   Although it never specifically mentions booger consumption, the Bible does say that there is something that we've all done.  Sin.  The Christina Lusk definition of that word is "bad stuff we shouldn't do".
It also says that we cannot be sinners, (people who don't ask Jesus for forgiveness for the bad stuff they do) and enter Heaven.  God doesn't want anybody to miss out on Heaven.  He made it possible for us to live a peace and joy filled life on earth, and BONUS - proceed directly to Heaven from there.  Here's how it works.

Step 1.  Read 1st John 1:9

Step 2.  Go to this page and say the prayer on it.  You will also be able to download a FREE BOOK!

Step 3.  Don't sin anymore (You're gonna slip up sometimes (I do too.) but try hard not to.)

Step 4.   Trust him and do what you know how to do to find out more about a life with Him in it.  Reading your Bible and finding a church are good starters.  If you have any questions, or would like help finding the right church in your area, PLEASE let me know.  I would be thrilled to help you.

I really do love you all -  Christina


  1. So true my dear. Most things that we have done we would most likly love to forget. Thank you Jesus that you do forgive us and receive us for who we are and for allowing those things to shape us and be used for your glory instead of our shame ;) I love you babe! Great blog.

  2. Your way with words are amazing Christina!! What a wonder blog you have. Keep up the good work because you make me smile everyday.

  3. Love it.. You really truly have a gift for writing. I love the picture that you going on with your post here. It's awesome.

  4. Love you too. ;)
    By the way, I have NEVER eaten a booger...ugh, lol

  5. It is always comforting to know that people do make mistakes, but it is us who have made that profession of faith and accepted Jesus into our hearts that allows us to go to Him and ask for forgiveness for our mistakes and move forwards knowing we have been forgiven...So whether we have eaten a booger or done something else, we can still receive true forgiveness from Him as long as we ask for it... God is Good! Love you, Kellie

  6. Sin, yes. Booger, no. How marvelous that when we do sin, we know that we can confess that sin and God is faithful and just in forgiving that sin. Our best bet is don't do it in the first place. Love you and God bless.

  7. If eating a booger is a sin, I am in trouble...or rather I am forgiven. Striving for a closer relationship is my mission everyday. Trying to let the light shine through me and bring just one more to him is my passion. As I am the mother of the brunette, I can also confess that she is just like her mother...duh...smiles. Love You


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