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Friday, May 7, 2010

NEWS: Smokin' Weed Pays the Bills

    No,no, no, you sillies, selling a jar of rubber cement at a garage sale is the closest I've ever come to drug doing or dealing.  I'm talking about dandelions.  They are smokin' awesome this time of year.  Adults don't understand them, because God made them strictly for kids (and photographers who act like kids).  I want you to think deeply about these little splashes of yellow and the spiritual lesson they represent.  Then, I want you to communicate it to my readers so they don't get disappointed in my blog.
Sorry about the crummy post guys.  I really want to share something a bit more spectacular, but I've got three photo shoots worth of pictures to edit, with more on the way.  That's more than 5,000 images! (Mother's Day is my busy season.)  But to hopefully make up for being more ordinary than extraordinary tonight, I'm sharing some of my photos (my kids) with you. (Click here.) Thanks for understanding.  One more thing, your comments have meant so very much to me.  I smile as I read each one of them.

Love, love, love,
Ordinary Me.


  1. Gee Christina, I'ts ok that your blog stunk today. I did enjoy the pictures of the kids. I'm sure you'll post something good tomorrow.


  2. Don't be so hard on yourself. In bloggyland, things get busy and posts get slim. Don't worry honey do your thang!

    I agree dandelions rock. I spent an hour watching some 3 yr old collect them as if they were the most precious things on earth. Thanks for spreading the news about weed, I mean weeds. :)

  3. You deserve a break!!! And a very Happy Mother's Day to you. It wasn't a "bad" post anyway. The title was intriging. I want to go on record as having received some of the most gorgeous dandelion bouquets ever. They were as meaningful to me as the bouquets of roses I receive now. A tiny hand reaching up with a few dandelions.....priceless!

  4. I totally agree with you ladies. Dandelions + Kids = sheer delight.

  5. LMBO @ Christina for that first post! @ Gerr.. I know you picked yourself some cute weeds and brought them to mama dee when you were little!!! Lol!

  6. The pictures were amazing as always and you could and would never disappoint....

  7. Aww Kellie, there you go again, makin' me blush.


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