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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Restaurants that describe my body: The switch from "Dairy Queen" to "Hot & Now"

    Whew.  My sincere apologies for last night.  I had every intention in the world of writing to you, but somehow I ended up with my eyes closed and drool on my pillow instead.  When I discovered the run-away saliva,  I said, "Michael that's gross.", and he gave me my pillow back.
    But now I'm back, to let you know, I can really shake 'em down.  Oh how I long to scream, "Do you love me?!", but alas, Bambino is asleep, and that is currently more precious to me than belting The Contours.  (I am however, full-blown lip syncing to the melody in my head.)   So now that we're finished with the stuff that has absolutely nothing to do with the main focus of tonights post...
      I don't know about the rest of you, but I've been a little dissatisfied with the physical state of my body.  Now, before you go all, "Christina, you're so beautiful, you should really love yourself the way you are.", on me, lemme tell you, yes, I am and I do, BUT, I know that I'll FEEL better and enjoy time with my great-grandchildren,  if I start implementing a healthier lifestyle.  So that is what I've decided to do.  Fortunately for me, I have a fantastic husband that supports everything I do (Well, almost everything anyway, he wasn't completely on board when I wanted to dye my hair red, white, and blue,  or make the switch to turkey bacon.)  When I informed him I wanted to make healthier life choices he replied, "Great!  Me too! (except for turkey bacon) Let's do this thing."  Then, we worked out together and drank mates (mah-tays) while we discussed how good we felt after exercising.  Thanks Michael, you are above and beyond what I ever thought one could find in a spouse.
      So, I'm contemplating making every Friday's post a "fitness friday".  I will write about my fitness journey and maybe even give you a photo of me taken that day so you can view my progress.  I will also let you know my current weight  and my goal weight.  Please be encouraged to join me.  Also, give me some feedback to let me know if you this idea is interesting to you, or if you're like, "Please just stick to the formula and we will remain faithful to read this nutty blog."

I did some research, and although Paul says, "exercise profits little" (1 Tim. 4:8), he didn't say it doesn't profit at all, he was comparing it to the greatness of having a relationship with God.  Furthermore, back then the dude was probably walking miles each day, not even considering his mode of transportation to be exercise.  Also, he wasn't consuming beaucoup chemicals that messed with his metabolism.  And, last but not least, he was a GUY.  He did not care what his thighs looked like in a swimsuit.

Flipping through the book of love, I also found this verse:

1 Corinthians 10:31 (King James Version)

 31Whether therefore ye eat, or drink, or whatsoever ye do, do all to the glory of God.

 I am going to do all things, whether I am eating rabbit food, or enjoying a treat, (hey, He was the one who made cocoa beans and sugar cane), or typing an irreverent (and occasionally vulgar), blog,  to the glory of God.

Now I am going to do something completely gutsy.  I am going to walk over to the scale, step on it, look down at the numbers, and put those very numbers on this public writ.  OMG. This is tough. Here goes:

It says..... 146 lbs.  There you have it.  According to the doctor, 130 lbs. is a healthy goal for me.  So stay tuned to see 16 lbs. shed itself from my "getting more and more rockin', body".

Love you everybody!

PS.  My grandma planted peas for me in her garden.  They're my favorite.  Thanks G!

PPS.  To the ladies (Dana, Crystal, Marla, Kellie) who have been posting FB stats about jogging and biking, I thank you.  You have been great inspiration to me.  Keep up the great work!



  1. You can do it! Come run with us!

  2. I've no doubt you that you can do this!! You're welcome to join our runs (not the bathrooms ones). 16 lbs is a very reasonable and doable goal. I love you and can't wait til the next Fitness Friday :)

  3. I WISH I WEIGHED 146!!!! :)

  4. You can so do it christina. Choosing to live a healthier lifestyle is that path I've taken too. Before you say, "Crystal your too skinny you don't need lose weight." Well, let me tell you, I need to lose a tiny bit and tone up. Believe me! But I'm so pumped for you Christina and i think posting and blogging about it will help you reach your goal.

    Thanks for the mention. :P Love you

  5. Way to go Christina!!! You are really gutsy to put your weight on line. You have no choice now but to lose the 16 - after all, the whole world is watching! And committing to photos, as well. You've got courage, Girl. I'm so proud of you. I need to join your mission, too, but no promises from this end, although, I will try. Tell Mike that if the turkey bacon is crisp, it is utterly delicious. Gotta go - the frozen yogurt is calling out my name. Love you.

  6. What a great journey!! Chris and I have been on it a bit ourselves and have decided to take it to the next level as well!! Here we go!! :)

  7. So proud of you girl;-] you may say that I was somewhat of an inspiration to you concerning my physical activity, you to are an inspiration to me spritually and I love you to pieces... You can do this and I look forward to your fitness post as I am sure that they will be just as amazing as the rest of the post. Each one touching and unique in their own way... I would love to exercise with you anytime... If I just didn't live so far away from everyone... Hugs to you, Kellie

  8. Wow you're brave!
    That picture of Noah is so cute : )


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