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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Ramblings of PBS Kids hostage

    Tonight, I am asking myself, "Christina, why are you even sitting down to write a blog?"  It's a valid question, since there's no way, after listening to Cookie Monster, (for an hour and a half) sing "C is for Cookie" - that's right, the SAME song, over and over,  I'll be able to, in any way, communicate with adult readers.  I'm not even sure what I just typed even makes sense.
    Noah is on such a Sesame Street kick, that as I plan my decor for my new home, I forget that this is a fleeting phase that will last but a moment, and that I don't really need to match my walls to the ever present furry characters that are ceaselessly dragged about our home and yard. Yes, indeed, I think I will put in a phone call tomorrow - "Cancel my order Sherman Williams, I came to my senses and decided against the Snuffleuffagus Sienna afterall."
     May I never forget this period of time won't last but a moment.  And, may I never forget that I am indeed an intelligent woman. This tiny blip in history may a little too often leave me wondering what's happening this very moment in world news?  Am I up to date on popular action flicks? - Negative.   I could, however, go on and on about how Ricky Gervais is the funniest celebrity to ever lull Elmo to sleep.  I could tell you that Burt and Ernie's never altered sweaters are back in style.
    Tonight as I foggy headedly write this message, I remind myself that I am the same person who got 4.0s in her college courses, who's bilingual, who plays a mean game of chess, and cannot only spell and pronounce "connoisseur", but that I am one in many things non-PBS Kids.  And, I encourage moms all over the blogosphere not to lose heart and feel like you're slipping into a never-ending sweatpants and diapers abyss... but rather, embrace such a time for what it truly is, a gift.  And, if what older people tell me is correct, it really doesn't last that long, and all too soon, we'll be looking back at these clean-the-toothpaste-out-of-the-heat-vent-AGAIN days, wishing we could spend just one more moment in them, looking into the innocent eyes that trust us completely to do what is in their best interest and shape them into the prosperous, educated, and happy adults we want them to be.

And without further ado, I must tell you, as the great Oscar the Grouch would say: NOW GET AWAY FROM MY BLOG - SCRAM!

Go ask your kids what they want to be when they grow up.  Make a card for them.  Play outside with those eager littles.  LISTEN to them.  Tell your tykes that Jesus has SUPER AWESOME plans for them (Reading Jeremiah 29:11 to them is a great way to do that)... and most importantly... Take those older folk's advice and never miss a moment you can't have back.

Much, much love,

The Extraordinary Ordinary Only Sometimes Semi-Coherent Me

PS.  Teach them good dental hygiene too.  That's important.


  1. Oh I soooo echo that sentiment in so many ways, so many days. Great post mama!! Amen! :)


  2. Great post Hon. Noah loved PBS Kids growing up. He is now into old stuff but, I miss those PBS Kids days...:)


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