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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Behind the Scenes

     Today is newsletter day!  Newsletter day is, well, as you may have already guessed, the day we create our Flyers, postcards, etc. for Lusk World Outreach!  This entry is kind of like a VIP backstage pass.  I'm letting you in on some ministry secrets that the rest of the world is not privy to.  And, if I could insert a sound button into the blog, you would have just experienced an on-the-edge-of-their-seats crowd oooing and ahhhing.  I wish I had a sound button so often, sigh, for so many things.  Just think of how fun it would be to have any sound you'd like at your disposal, anytime you please.  Can you imagine your kid walking in on you as you're eating the cheesecake you hid behind the brussel sprouts for such an occasion as this, and as they begin unraveling their crafty thread of reasoning of why they're entitled to a bite of the special treat,  M.C. Hammer begins belting "Can't Touch This, whoaaaaaaaa, whooaaaaa."  Hmm, Where was I before that lovely daydream...?  Oh yes, ministry distribution material...

Rule #1 for Newsletter day  - No kiddos!  We adore them, but, since Rev. Christina Lusk (who more frequently employs the alias, "Mo-ommm!") covers most of the graphic design for the ministry, she mustn't be demanded to forfeit her computer to a junkie, or become the referee of choice in the epic "He ripped the head off my doll! - I'm going to rip off his!", battles during these important design sessions.

        So, here I sit semi-alone (Michael is on the phone upstairs with some foreign somebody or other on the line.  At least, I think he is using the phone.  He's speaking so loudly it's possible that someone could hear him overseas without the device).

        How does a newsletter come to fruition?, you may ask. Well, as it's name states, it is a letter about news.  So, first off, we decide whats the latest and greatest thing happening that our precious, precious partners (ok, you should hear that precious partner bit the way I do in my head.  Think Benny Hinn... good job.  See, how easy that could've been to picture if I had that sound button.) have made happen by giving to LWO.  It's always great stuff because Jesus proves himself alive everywhere we go!  ("He's alliiivvveee." - Igor to Frankenstein's master.  Gotta get a sound button.)

      Michael is the news master.  He gets the ball rolling by writing the text he wants and choosing the photos and testimonies to be included.  And, based on budget or the amount of things we wish to report, we decide together the size the document will be when it arrives to our partners.  Smaller sizes cost considerably less, but we can tell you so much more if we opt for the full page.
     Ahhh... the photos -  sometimes we luck out and realize we've gotten some great images of people who received a miracle.  And, other times, our photographers, for whatever reason, took pictures of that pretty butterfly floating nearby, instead of the dude who just had his amputated leg grow back...  Occasionally, there's a lot of forehead slapping on Newsletter Day. We do the best we can with what we have.  (It's really not that we have bad photographers, often we have very little time to train whomever is available to work the camera.  Photo journalism is a learned skill and is much easier to do when you understand fully how the photos will be used - not something readily learned in a short time period.)

Wow... this is long.  So, if you're still with me...   Ok, I talked about text, check, photos, check...

It's my job to take the photos and the words and make something attractive out of it.  Sometimes that  works like a dream, and sometimes... Hey, I've just discovered a huge similarity between our printed materials and my blog entries.

Time wise, it can take anywhere from a couple of hours to ALL DAY and then some to complete the artistic process, and I am truly amazed and blessed by the positive feedback on my designs, because, honestly, I really don't know what the heck I'm doing.  If something looks cool, more often than not, it was one truly happy fluke.  But hey, I'll take the compliments.  They boost my stamina and keep me experimenting with techniques for the next time around.

After my design had been proof read (I'm still striving for a typo-free rough draft.) and approved by the boss, we upload it to the printshop who sends it to our AMAZING treasurer/secretary/office assistant, Shaena, who's stuffs and licks hundreds of envelopes. (Just think of all the people who come into contact with her DNA each month -no worries, she's clean.  And no, we're not too cheap or evil to get her self-stick envelopes.  The glue in them melts when she runs them through the printer.). She gets them all stamped and takes them to the post office, where a bunch of other people who don't even know they're working on God's behalf, deliver them to you.

Couple of other tidbits... lemme think.  Oh yes, lots of coffee and/or mate (mah-tay), a fair amount of glaring at the evangelist for even suggesting that I change the font on the layers I just flattened, (That means I can't make changes because I told the computer the project was finished.)  and equally fair amount of apologies for glaring...

    And my favorite Newsletter Day secret... We just about pee our pants thinking about all the exciting things we get to brag on Jesus about.  We shout and high five and sing the Hallelujah Chorus (not really something two people can do very well by themselves, IF ONLY I had a sound button, we could have some bass and soprano accompaniment) when we finally order the material, knowing that people like you will be just as excited about the miracles as we are!

Hmm, how will I end this exceedingly long dissertation on the LWO monthly updates?  I guess I'll let you end it... Pretend you can reach into my mind and press the button.  Two clicks will be a standing ovation from that same crowd in the beginning of the entry, and three is an old man with his head hanging off the bed executing a perfectly rhythmic snore - drool drip combination...

Oh wait, all this talking about newsletters... I should show you one, huh?

Also, sometimes, you know, er, just for fun - yeah, that's it... fun, we let a typo slip by.  Can you find it in the above flyer?  

Hey, I just had an idea...  Why don't you hop on our mailing list.  I'll bet you bloggeroonies will get just as excited about the stuff in them as we do!  Here, for a one-time offer, I'll even pass out my personal email address so you can send me your home address.  


P.S.  There's always room for volunteers to be a part of the history making process. 
What's your gifting or hobby?  We'd love to have YOU join our team!


  1. Hey Christina is it no space between The and the word Spiritual. (LOL) AWESOME SHARING Your so very creative in so many special ways! Thank you for letting us into your mind and how it works it was Very Interesting (Said in the voice from the guy on the old Laugh In show in my head) Your to young to remember that voice! Well be blessed and thanks again to you and Michael for all you to do bless and serve others both here and over seas!

  2. Ravena - You guessed it! I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who needs a sound button! Glad to see you on here! Thanks for stopping by.


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