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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Abe and the babe.

   A tired toddler makes any outing memorable.  So it was with our recent trip to Springfield, Illinois.  I can't get enough of early American history, so naturally, being in a place laden with such historic significance, I was thrilled.  Having to choose from a plethora of important places to visit in a short amount of time, we narrowed our sights on three in particular:  The Lincoln Museum,  Lincoln's home, and Lincoln's tomb.

Part 1 - The Museum

    First off, this place is amazing.  It's indescribable, so I won't begin to try.  I will tell you, however, that of all the wonderful things to see, my two year old son was most fascinated with... get ready for it.... a wax dog.  Yep, inside a replica of our sixteenth president's humble first home, Abe lays reading by the fire next to a fake mutt.  That was the very first exhibit we explored. We thought it was cute how taken our child was with the wax creature.  We even chuckled a bit (the first time) when Noah ducked under the off-limit ropes and touched the dog, setting off a security alarm.

   And every other exhibit invariably went something like this... "Oh, wow Michael... did you see this?  These are the real gloves Mary Todd was wearing at the Ford Theater.  Look!  They still have blood on them."  "Hang on, I'm reading the Emancipation Proclamation."  "Ok, um, where's Noah?"  Isn't he with you?" "No, I thought he was with you."  Beeeep. Beeep. Beeep.  Beeep.  Then Steve (we were on a first-name basis by the end of the day), the security guard, would shut off the alarm attached to that stupid dog and we would retrieve our stealthy toddler.  We had to call it a day when our generally-very-well-mannered little guy thrust himself upon John Wilkes Booth's feet (allowing us to experience a meet and greet with another security personnel) and threw one of those that'll-never-be-my-kid tantrums, because we wouldn't allow him to get near "Rufus" again.

Part 2 - The House

Before Abraham Lincoln and Mary Todd remodeled their 1839 home, It looked liked this.

Today, Michael and Christina Lusk's 1838 home looks like this.
Pretty neat, huh?

Our pooped-out little guy actually fell asleep in Lincoln's bedroom.  My son has slept in Abe's bedroom. That's cool, really cool.  

I think my favorite memory of the house is my kids playing together on the front lawn.  Watching them chase each other I could see the Lincoln children in them, playing in the very same place nearly two centuries ago.  

Part 3 - The Tomb

The cemetery is just your ordinary cemetery, until you reach the heart of it.  In the center of the burial grounds stands the most beautifully ornate vault I have ever, or may ever seen/see.  Upon entering you must observe the tomb as a reverent, almost holy, site.  Hats off, moment of silence kind of deal.  Ha! Moment of silence!  Noah wouldn't allow the precious Amish group viewing the crypt with us to hear a word of the guide's presentation.  He picked a juicy green one and held it out to Michael, saying, "You want to eat my booger?"  When Michael refused the gooey delicacy, Noah became indignant and demanding.  Booger in his father's face he screamed, "Eat my booger!!!", over and over until we removed ourselves from the building...

All in all, it really was a great trip, and, thanks to my exhausted third born,  a truly unforgettable experience.

Here's to you.



  1. Nice work, looks good! **pats on back**

  2. Wow, what a wonderful experience you guys provided for them. That is awesome. It looks like even though there was some sleeping going on, how cool that it happened there? And, that is stinkin' awesome how much the houses look alike!!!

  3. How amazing! The resemblance between houses is so awesome! :) And that Noah slept in Abe's room? Perfect!



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