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Friday, May 21, 2010

3 Essential Reasons Why Christina Lusk and You Can Succeed

I have asked a good friend and fellow blogger, Mark Hancock, to sub for me tonight. Lemme tell you guys, you're in for a real treat. (He talks about me, in a good way, even. :)

When Christina asked me to be a guest blogger on her blog I immediately said, “yes!” because I can tell when something (someone) is going to go places.

In thinking about how I arrived at this sense, three things came to mind.  And these three things can be duplicated in your life.

Here they are:

1)  She did something.  
We seem to spend a lot of time talking about what we should do or what we would like to do. Christina has done it.   In the midst of mothering two beautiful children and one anointed husband as well as growing an international ministry she started her blog.  And she incorporates her mothering and ministry into her blog posts in such a way that we get a picture of her ordinariness and her extraordinariness at once.
Here’s the application for you:  God is calling you, in the midst your mothering or fathering or working – your life – to DO something.
This won’t make you any more saved or loved in His eyes, because Grace is the key, but it will make you more effective as a steward of His mysteries (1 Cor. 4:1), an ambassador (2 Cor. 5:20), and a minister of reconciliation (2 Cor. 5:18-19).  
Give God something to back.  DO something.  Write the book.  Sing the song.  Knock on your neighbor’s door.  Go on a missions trip.  Write a check to the Lusk World Outreach.  Pray for a lost or sick person.  Start a blog.  Enroll in a class.  Buy plane tickets.  Pray and DO something.  
You’ll get to where God is leading you.  It’s much easier to steer a moving ship.

2)  She draws on her strengths.
Christina has a great sense of humor and it comes through in every post.  Rather than hide this, she uses it to both disarm and open the heart of the reader for the truth that always comes at the end.
Our tendency is to focus on our weaknesses, thinking that we’ve got to reach some level of perfection before we launch out and deliver something to someone else.
Build on your strengths.  Find the one (or two or three) thing(s) that you do well and move in that area.
A woman in our church loves to shop.  So she turned that into her ministry.  God has gifted her in finding great bargains on really nice clothing.  So she buys clothes and then prays about who to give them to, seeing God move in miraculous answers to THEIR prayers.  This is her strength and she engages it for the Kingdom.
What are your strengths?  Engage them.

3)  She shakes up the status quo.
C‘mon now, who uses blog titles like, “Have You Ever Eaten a Booger?” or “NEWS: Smoking Weed Pays the Bills”?
Not Christians, right?  Wrong!  Christina does.
She understands that irreverence, for her, is as much a door-opener as anything.
People who are looking for realistic real-life role-models will be drawn to what she has to say.  Enough of the plastic TV evangelists.  
At the same time, the world doesn’t need more Christina Lusks; it needs more YOUS!
If you aspire to be just like someone else, one of you becomes unnecessary.  Be you.
Irreverence is Christina’s key.  It may not be yours, but being real is.

Watch her rise to the top of the blogosphere as she operates in these, and get ready to find your niche.  Open yourself up to God showing you your extraordinary ordinariness.

This is me (Christina) now.  Check out more stuff by Dr. Mark Hancok on his blog,


  1. Well done Mark!!! She is a fabulous person isn't she? She makes me smile everyday with her bloggings! She made me say that or she'd break my arm...just kidding!

  2. What a great blog by Mark. All he had to do was tell the truth. Haha!!! Christina really is a remarkable person. I enjoy your blogs tremendously. They are always humorous, with your love for Christ shining through. Luv u.


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