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Monday, May 17, 2010

Inn Hi Scule I Stinked @ EEgnlish

He poops in the bathtub. When I'm taking a bath. And that's what he does. That's my brother. My
brother's name is Noah.


Ok, I know that's  a tough act to follow, but I'm going to write a little anyway, just to say I did.  Why is it so important to me to put my thoughts down every day?  Numero Uno,  I love you, and some of you are just crazy enough to read this nutty blog every single day (MUCHAS GRACIAS).  And Numero Dos,  I am proving to myself I can do this writing stuff.  I bet you don't believe I failed a high school English class because I never completed one entry in our "daily thought" journals.  Well, believe it or not, it's true.  The teacher tried to coax me, "Christina, there's no right or wrong entry, just put down how you feel."  Somehow, instinct told me that writing, "I FEEL like this journal stuff is a buncha crap.  And, I strongly FEEL we should just bust out a little more Jonathan Swift up in here." (no matter what she told me), would end up being the wrong answer.  I found it extremely difficult to open up and be transparent with anyone.  Fortunately, although it didn't happen overnight, God has helped me open up to others (and to Him), and to commemorate that victory, I am faithful to you, myself, and Him, with this blog, aka, "thought journal".

Romans 8:37 is always at work in my life:)

Interested in anything else in my life?  Let me know.  I am confident enough now to take on any "open up" challenge.  I really want to know what it is YOU want to know.  Sign in anonymously if you wish. And remember, in the true words of my 10th grade English teacher, "There really are no right or wrong entries."

Goodnight Blog fam.  May you take encouragement from this blog, to just be who you are.  That's my key to success.  Big hugs,

The Extraordinary Ordinary Me


  1. Christina, there is nothing "ordinary" about you, Dear One. When God created you, He created a unique, beautiful, awesome, loveable individual. Love you so much.

    Give Lucy my compliments, too. She is a budding novelist and enchanting story teller. Big Hugs from Great Gr.

  2. :) :<) Lucy: if i were you....i'd start taking a bath by yourself! your doing a fine job at the writting thing...keep up the good work. Love you all

  3. She's a writer in the making like her Momma. ;)

  4. That little girl gets her funny from you for sure!


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