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Monday, May 10, 2010

A Portly Savior

First of all, you have been faithfully following Michael's luggage saga with DELTA AIRLINES.  So, you deserve to know LUGGAGE HAS BEEN LOCATED.  It left Flint, MI and somehow found it's way to Amsterdam, France and Canada.  He doesn't know when he will be reunited with his red roller bag, but at least it has been found.

  "I wish my suitcase was the one who came to Salta, and I was the one who got to take the intercontinental tour." - Rev. Michael Lusk

Also, I had a photo shoot today, which means, another lazy blog day.  However, I will leave you with a momento of our earlier days in ministry.  Yes, believe it or not, we were VERY funny clowns with a pretty substantial following in South America.  We can juggle, make balloon animals, and snort whipped cream with the best of them.  Now you know.

This photo:

Rosa the clown (me),  tries to explain to Gordo about the Superhero with the mightiest powers.  Gordo pauses, thinks, and humorously interrupts with several incorrect guesses.  Can you figure out who Rosa was really talking about? You guys are just soooo smart.  Good guess.

Rest well tonight my bloggies.  I pray for you daily.

In love,



  1. YAY for found luggage... and that outfit!


  2. God is Good.... Luggage found;-]

  3. Pretty bad when your luggage is more traveled than you are. Thank God the Lost is found. No pun intended.


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