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Sunday, December 19, 2010

'Twas the week before Christmas...

... and all through the house, not a creature was stirring... except for a bright eyed, bushy tailed, mother of three.  (up at 3:11am and feeling strangely well rested... Cue song "I believe in miracles.")  The stockings are laid on the floor with (some) care, until I figure out where to hang them, they shall remain there.  The children are sleeping all snug in my bed,  one with his feet placed against the other's head.

     And so on and so forth...

     What a gloriously beautiful morning!  As I type this blog with steaming coffee nearby, and only the magical glow from the Christmas trees (yeah, I said trees... big new house... lovin' it.) illuminating the night, I am able to think clearly without interruption for what seems like the first time in weeks...  Precious.
        This moment right here, is what I asked Santa for :)  Well, maybe it wasn't Santa... I chose a Higher Source... and it was more like begging and pleading than a simple request.  Friday night after I tucked in the bambinos, I dropped to my knees and admitted that I could use a little help.  Finances, homeschooling, presents, ministry, photography, parties, housework, unpacking, snow shoveling, and keeping two kids alive by myself... Well, 'nuff said, right?  I should've talked to God about it before, but I had a rather distorted view of prayer for a while.  Don't get me wrong.  I always pray. It's just that I  was praying about "noble" things... like our ministry partners, and starving people with aids in Africa, and the stray three legged dog that I maybe shoulda' put in my car, taken home and named, "Stooge".  That sort of thing.    Anyway, I put my pride aside and asked The Big Man to help a sista' out. I also asked Him to return my five long-lost packages that, according to the USPS were "left on the porch."  If only they had been left on my porch... Sigh.
     The next morning my Mom called me and jokingly said, "Christina, did you pray for help with the kids and your house or something last night?  Because I guiltily tossed and turned all night thinking about how I should be over there helping you out today."  Ha!  My God is a riot I tell you.  (If you don't know Jesus well, you need to get better acquainted with Him... He's totally pro-endorphins.)  There was more work to be done than just us two could accomplish though... It's a good thing my dad, aunt, and grandma volunteered too!
      Sometime between Dad fixing the vacuum and television and Mom unboxing Lucy's room, there was a knock on the door...
      "Hi, you must be Christina Lusk.  I wanted to get these to you sooner, sorry.  They've been sitting in my front room for over a week."  Yeppers!  My packages.  Thank you kind and honest new neighbor Melissa.  I like you.

     First Peter 5:7 is one of my ALL-TIME favorite promises from the Bible... It worked for me.  I bet it'll work for you too!

           "Cast ALL your cares upon The Lord.  Because he cares for you."

       See you at church this morning?


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Merry Christmas Everyone!

P.P.S.  - My apologies for all the wacky layout changes lately... I think I have found one that "suits me". For a while anyway. :)


  1. Good morning Sweetheart! How beautiful!!! Praise God, cause HE rocks!!! I'm up too, my niece is with us and her internal clock says wake up time. Mines says, NOT! lol....yes, see you at church later. ;)

  2. Your poetic genius is... stunning. As in, leaving me scratching my head, wondering what the heaven just happened. Kind of like you'd feel after a car accident. Just kidding, sweetie. I love your transparency and wit.



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