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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Hmm, What the heck?, How do ya?, and so forth...

Redhead girl with orange flower in hair, originally uploaded by stinapie.

You'd laugh if you could see me trying to figure out what surely is a simple task...  upload photos from Flickr to this blog... you know, as many as I want... where I want... to make something beautiful and interesting for you like my supremely talented and gorgeous dear friend over at FreshMommy.  Until I succeed, enjoy this completely random photo taken from my Flickr account and mysteriously inserted into my blog.  I love you Makenzie! (beautiful creature pictured at left).

Um... spiritual lesson and interesting story?  I implore you to accept my humble IOU.

And yes, FreshMommy, that was a plea for help:)  Love you.



  1. Well it's definitely a gorgeous photo! I manually add each photo to my posts... In flickr, click on share, then click on HTML and grab the code. When writing your posts, click on the HTML mode, instead of compose mode and paste the code you took from flickr there. Hope this helps! But if I've confused you more, I'd be happy to show you :)


  2. Um.... Thanks, Tab. Good thing it's as simple as I imagined, lol. But really, this info helped a lot. Thank you!

  3. Yeah, what she said :)

    Ps, it's an awesome picture!!


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