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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Year, New Season season of Lu's favorite show that is.  Top o' the evening everyone.  I truly hope you all had a wonderful time bringing in the New Year.  We spent it rolling with laughter while watching a couple of episodes of "I Love Lucy" as requested by a lovely blonde who bears the same name.
We had intended to do the whole kiss and cheer bit, however, my cell phone alarm went unnoticed at midnight , completely drowned out in the delightful mix of my firstborn's gleeful squeals and Desi Arnaz's cuban outbursts. (Sometimes it's really funny to listen to Ricky fly off the handle when you understand what he's saying... often he's just babbling Spanish nonsense. - Now you know.)  Noticing the clock read 12:07 as the credits (Note:  Max Factor was the makeup artist for the show... just some useless trivia for a moment when you need to sound like you know something interesting. - You're welcome.)  rolled down the screen, (Don't you just love when I insert stuff in parenthesis and you have to go back and start reading the original thought all over again?)  Michael and I uttered a mild, "Oops, oh well", attempted to reach each other for a quick kiss, and discovered that after snuggling with sixty-six pounds of children on our laps for an hour, parts of our bodies were too asleep for that kiss to take place, and it just wasn't worth the effort in our state of exhaustion. (We generally have a nine-thirty bedtime... Don't scoff, we're still young on the outside.)
We happily tucked the tot's in for the night and thanked God for them, and the beautiful blank canvas of 2011 that will soon be adorned with new memories, relationships, and nations who have been made freshly aware of the Love of Christ.

Happy 2011!

I'd love to read about how YOU brought in the New Year.  Let me know in a comment below.

Much love,



  1. Well....your really want to know? I went to bed as usual [interesting huh? My body is OLD inside AND out! I don't think i ever really stayed up past midnight on New Years Eve. As I awoke the next morning it was just like any other day except it was a new big deal here. Well you did ask! Happy 2011 to you too.

  2. Yes, I did ask, and yes, I did want to know! Going to bed early sounds like lot's of fun to me, LOL! That's what I voted for!

  3. Happy New Year!!I still have your holiday card sitting on my dining room table. You will have it just in time for the next holiday...Valentine's Day. :)


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