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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Rub a dub-dub...turds in the tub.

   No, I didn't set out to attract five year old blog followers (although I'll take 'em if they're interested - boosts my ratings!)  There really is urine on the floor and ....well, it's like the title says.  Every mom has been there... a tot in the tub (or tots, in my case), and then somebody gets warm and comfortable enough to ... Moving on.  You get the slippery culprit out of the tub, so you can clean it and refill it, in order to start again from ground zero, when suddenly you hear an alarming trickle at the same time you notice your sock is wet.  Yep, he urinated right on Mermaid Barbie's head.  It wasn't that big of a deal at that point, since I had just removed her from a much messier situation.  "Ugghh, Christina, why are you telling us all this?"  Hmm... Now that you mention it... (Look up at the description of my blog for a moment. - I guess I just felt it was my duty (pun intended).
      Technically, since I've used a word like bowel movement, I now owe you a lesson.  (It'll have to be short though, because I have to go (pun not intended), and tend to some of my one-year old's business (ok fine, pun intended in both places).

Here is the lesson, which may or may not prove itself spiritually helpful, but maybe someday you'll find yourself face-to-face with Alex Trebek as he pops a related question,  and you'll be glad you read my blog.  (Note: Alex is a very nice man - My husband has a hand written letter from him. Note again:  If you DO find yourself correctly answering related questions on a gameshow, remember Lusk World Outreach P.O. Box 394 Clio, MI)

When the King James Version of the Bible was written (waaaay back ago), people believed deep emotion stemmed from the bowels.  Today we use the word "heart".  Seriously, Google it.  And, if you can believe it, this post actually has hidden meaning and direction.  I told you this in response to a letter I received from a searching friend. She said, "I try to read my Bible (KJV), but I don't understand it.  I must be stupid or something." No my friend, you are NORMAL.  I thank God for the KJV Bible, but I rarely use it myself for the same reason you stated, it is difficult to understand (i.e. - most of us would form the incorrect mental image when we read, "She was so lovely in appearance. I felt a stirring in my bowels. ").  There are others out there now, that communicate the word of God in modern language.  I often use the New Living Translation, and my husband sticks like glue to the NKJV (New King James Version).  I hope this helped you.  (A letter from me is coming your way with more info, via snail-mail as well.)

G'night Everybody! Much love,


P.S.  I'll be stepping out of the limelight tomorrow, please enjoy tomorrow's postings by guest bloggers, Lucy Lusk and long-time friend, Carl Johnson.  I've read them both and you won't be disappointed!


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