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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

God is a big fat Ham.

   God is never two-faced, but he does have many facets.  The Bible tells us of times when He is angry, happy, jealous, sad, compassionate, (oh thank goodness, I AM like Him after all, lol)  etc... Today I read about an instance where Jesus was in a show-offy kind of mood.  Oh, who am I kidding? He's always an upstager, isn't He?

  Mark 8:1-10 - The C.M. L. version of the Bible relays it like this. "Jesus was so freaking awesome that people would do anything just to be around Him.  His jokes were fresh and everyone sensed his genuine interest in every individual he met.  A crowd had followed him into the wilderness, forsaking their Nintendo Wiis and Mafia Wars for three whole days.  Eventually, the thronging grew to over 4000 people.

    Jesus looked out at the crowd, and then turned to his disciples, saying, "I feel sorry for these people.  They have been with Me for three days, and they don't have anything left to eat.  If I send them home, they will pass out before they even get there.  Some of them have come from miles and miles away."
      He turned to the disciples with cocked eyebrows.  That questioning look always made them uneasy.
  "How are we supposed to find vittles for that many hungry bellies, out in the wilderness?  HELLO, we're in the desert here." (One of them had the guts to say something like that, anyway).  Jesus responded to his question with a question. (That was kinda his M.O. with those guys.)  Jesus smirked, and said, "How much bread do you have?" "Uh, let's see, Pete, whaddya got? Ok, plus Matt's sourdough pita...that makes... seven.  Seven Loaves, Lord."
      Jesus told everybody to get comfy on the ground.  Then He took the loaves, thanked His Dad for them, and broke them into pieces.  His disciples started handing out the bread to the multitude.  Somebody gave Him a few sardines, and he blessed those too.
       Everybody ate as much as they wanted.  Afterward, the disciples gathered the leftovers into seven large baskets. Then, J.C. thanked everybody for their sacrifice, and told everyone to return home and get some rest. "
  What a show-off! (I know, you're asking me, "Christina, Do you really believe that stuff happened?")  Well, I can't say I've miraculously (yet) fed that many people.  But I have seen the lame walk, blind eyes and deaf ears open, Tumors vanish, and a soul set free.  So, I don't have too many issues buying into this, as well.  (If you're still wondering, the answer is YES!)

   The cool thing about Jesus, is that he never changes.  This nifty book I've been sharing from, tells me that He is the same yesterday, TODAY, and forever.  So, Jesus, I'm resolving right now to give you, not only everything in my refrigerator (no sardines there), but every part of my life. I thank you for the miracles I saw yesterday, the ones I'll experience today, and for the ones I'll see tomorrow.  Thank you for loving me.  As always, You are free to "Ham it up" on center stage in my life anytime.

Thanks again for reading!


P.S.  Do not google "C.M.L version of the Bible". It stands for Christina M. Lusk, and isn't yet in print.


  1. Your going to witness our miracles first hand i promise;-] Love you

  2. What a blessed relationship you have with J.C. How awesome it would be if everyone understood Him and loved Him like you do.

  3. Carl "CJ" JohnsonFebruary 5, 2011 at 9:53 PM

    Isn't it interesting that JC didn't have to give a prosperity message, and those who gave up their food were thinking that it should be multiplied to feed...oh yes... others. It's like they gave so "others" could be blessed. I know, it's weird.

  4. Great post, honey. I like the picture you paint of JC. The kind Gandhi talked about when he said, "I don't want the Jesus of your cathedrals. Give me the Jesus of the dusty trail, out healing our sick." I have been working with Him all week.


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