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Friday, March 18, 2011

I am not normal. By Michael Lusk

Evenin'/Mornin Bloggeroonies.  Today's entry is provided by my anything-but-normal husband.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Hi. This is Michael Lusk. I’m not normal.

In fact, I am not even trying to be. My wife, as you can see, is pretty out there, too.  As you might guess, our kids are following in suite.
I suppose we just decided that our standard for life is not based on what everyone considers to be “normal”.  Sure, maybe our extreme, missionary lifestyle isn’t palatable for some, but we decided a long time ago that we are going to live “sold out” to the One who died to save us – to live like we really believe that what we say about Him is true.  That’s what has lead us into our greatest adventures and joys as a family.

Like when…
We lived in a cute little guest house with giant spiders.
We ventured out of our safe home in Michigan with our suitcases and a six-month-old baby.
Or the time we had about twenty grand in small bills on our person walking the streets of South America.
How bout the time we had to fight off the street dogs just to get groceries.
I could go on…

There are challenges when you decide to follow Him, no question.  But nothing compared to what’s it’s like blazing your own trail and calling your own shots.  Frank Sinatra said, “I did it my way.”  Well, look where that got him – dead. (OK, so everyone dies – my point still stands.) Sorry, Frankie, but your life mantra is psychotic.  No, sir.  I put my hand to the plow.  I’m never looking back.

This picture was taken in Gancedo, Chaco. (Argentina) That big rock is earth's second largest meteorite.  We stopped en-route to an open air crusade where we witnessed miracle after miracle.  Jesus is alive!


  1. Amen. Great family pic.
    Gotta love a big rock just sitting there waiting for a photo op.


  2. Awesome!! Who said was "normal" was good anyway?

  3. 'normal' to me just means worldly anyway...and who wants to be that? not me! i don't want to do it 'my' way, but HIS way! great post!


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