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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Lil' ol' me up in a tree

     When I was nine years old my parents informed me that we were going to move.  They explained how we would be living in a different house, in a different city, in a different school district.  Sweet little angel that I was, I took it all in stride and greatly looked forward to the journey before me...NOT!  Are you kidding me?  I was totally anguished.  I loved our home and my school.  I certainly didn't want to leave my friends behind either. Why couldn't my parents see how good life was, right where we were (in a tiny trailer in the not-so-purdy part of town)? I had to stop this madness somehow.  I quickly came up with the answer.  They couldn't leave without me...right?  And they couldn't force me to go if they couldn't find me...right?  I bolted out of the house as fast as my legs could carry me.  Those legs got me as far as the big pine tree three streets down.  My dad was hot on my heels.  Fortunately, I had spent a good deal of time in that tree and could scurry like lightning from a close-by fence into the branches.  By the time I was halfway up, my mother had joined her husband under my sticky coniferous shelter.  There were plenty of pleas, followed by bribes and threats.  But once I make up my mind that something is the right decision, sometimes it can be hard to change.  Eventually my dad started up the tree after me.  But you know something about pine trees?  The branches are real thick at the bottom. The branches at the middle are strong enough to hold grown men even.  But the branches at the top... he he he... are only strong enough to hold petite little girls ;)  So, naturally, I climbed into those branches.

    Exasperated, Mom and Dad tried talking me down (Ever see the police try to coax the guy with the hostages to come out of the building?)  By this time, neighbors had joined in on the action, some of them with trays of cookies and others with puppies.  Somehow, even my grandfather had arrived on the scene.   I remember he offered large amounts of money and came the closest to luring me to the ground.  When the fire truck got there however, I knew the gig was up, and, clinging to what dignity I maintained, I decided to come down by myself rather than go through a humiliating, "kitty in a tree" rescue.

I know you have two questions for me: #1 "Did you get beat?" and #2 "Are you going to weave this into a Bible lesson?"

The answer is the same for both questions.

For He Himself has said, “I will never leave you nor forsake you.” Heb. 13:5

God is with us even when we (like lil' ol' me up in a tree) distrust others.  He's with us even when we try to hide and keep ourselves out of reach, for fear of being hurt.   But He'll never hurt us.  Throughout the Bible He calls himself many different names, "Prince of PEACE", "The COMFORTER", "HEALER", "COUNSELOR", "PROVIDER", there are many, many more.  (NOTE:  I searched the whole Bible and did not find even one name for God that resembled, "STUPID MEANIE HEAD".)

So, when you find yourself distraught, out of reach on the scrawny branches, remember; you're not as alone as you think you are.  Open up.  Allow yourself to be comforted, healed, counseled and provided for.

Hasta la pronto, Bloggeroonies,



  1. You are a little pistol...first time i've heard this story!! Aren't you glad you moved now? I love you...... :)

  2. A pistol? Me? Naaaah. A postle... maybe.

  3. Haha, I can totally see you doing that!

  4. Why Christina! Sweet little you running away? Guess all kids do it one time or another. You'll have to ask Carol about the time she went out the window at our house. And I didn't know the boys did it until long after they were married. Oh, the joys of raising children!!! Good post.


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