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Saturday, May 8, 2010

For the Mums.

Happy Mother's Day!

This post is unique because I am giving you the opportunity to choose happy or heavy; kind of like an alternate ending.  Writers of "Ladder 49" please take note.  (I did not like balling on a bus in front of all those strangers.)

    If you're in a jovial type mood, the author of this blog recommends clicking here, where you will be re-directed to a previous post involving a brilliantly clever, dimpled darling, and her wise mother.

However, if you think you can hack it, I encourage you to click the link below.  But remember to come back to this page so you can email (click the envelope icon) it to share it with someone else.  I love you, especially you Mom.  You had all the "right reasons" to end my life before I independently breathed my first breath.  I'm just as grateful you didn't end it "after" I was born either. LOL.  Thank you for the opportunity of life. Have a wonderful Mother's Day everyone.


                       CLICK HERE


  1. Beautiful! Posted the song on fb for friends to see! Happy Mommies Day!

  2. The song was beautiful. Wouldn't it be wonderful if all those who are considering abortion could see it. Many decisions would be changed for sure. Thanks for sharing.


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