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Monday, May 31, 2010

To Infinity and Beyond

 Woo-hoo! I am geeked about Toy Story 3.  Those Pixar people aren't known to disappoint often (not too impressed with Rat's Patootie, or whatever that one with the culinary vermin was).  I plan to go see it the day it comes out (with or without kids?...that is the question...or is the question: popcorn drenched with equal parts heaven and hell, or baby carrots?  I'll let you know the answer to both later).  

          Buzz Lightyear may have coined the phrase in the title, but I find it applicable in my life as well.  Why?  Because it is relevant to every human being.  Not to be redundant, but that includes you and me.  God made it very specific in His word that he will use anybody, who is willing to be used by Him in whatever way they can.  God uses people for one thing: to help other people.   When you commit to that, you will eventually find yourself in places you never imagined, writing books you didn't know were in you, meeting with heads of state, and creating an impact beyond anything you could've ever thought possible.  The great men and women of the Bible never dreamed (except for Joseph (the guy with the cool coat), who dreamed it, but didn't understand it) that they would do the amazing things that they are remembered for.  Moses, who parted the waters and was responsible for the ten commandments, asked God, "Who in the world do You think I am?  I'm not a fancy talker, and I don't consider myself to be a great leader."  But, he was willing to do what God wanted him to do.  David, the singing kid who took care of sheep, had no idea he would slay a giant with a few pebbles, or become King of a nation.  The virgin Mary, was as confused as all get out when she became pregnant.  But, she achieved greatness because of her attitude of willingness.  

   I never dreamed that I would go to foreign nations where I would speak publicly before thousands of people, or that diseases would vanish from them when I preached the word of God.  I didn't know I would speak multiple languages.  For that matter, if you would've told me a year ago that I'd be writing a blog that would help people find a church or lose weight (or smile daily, xoxo), I would have told you, "You must be mistaken, I'm not that person."

     Below is the grave of a person, who much like the great people of the Bible, is still impacting others today.  I first learned of her five years after her demise.  I found a cassette tape with her name on it.  I listened to it.  She and her husband (also below) talked about how they traveled the world with their two small children, renting homes abroad, teaching the kids, cooking the meals,  and preaching the Gospel to every creature.  The Osborns are such an inspiration to me, and to people all over the world.  I thank God they made the cassette(s) and wrote the book(s). 

   Daisy Osborn, King David, the Virgin Mary, Mother Teresa, and (Do I dare put myself next to such a line-up?) Christina Lusk, have this in common; We are people just like you, who are doing or have done the simple things we know(knew) how to, to honor God.
   YOU are no different.  God has big, no, - HUGE plans for you.  His plans are to give YOU a hope and a wonderful future.  (He (Big Man Upstairs) actually told me to tell you that.)  If you ask Him to be the head honcho in your life, he will guide you gently into greatness.  All he wants is for you to do the things you know how to do.  Go to church (a church that says the same things (except for stuff about boogers and poop) that you read in this blog).  Meet somebody's need.  Be kind to others.  Pray. SEEK GOD. Belive it or not, these simple things are the keys to greatness.  Who knows?  You may become the next Walt Disney, Martin Luther King, or King David.... Or better yet, you could be YOU, the you God sees.  

To infinity and beyond, 



  1. Nice story Christina....PROUD to be your grandmother!!! :)

  2. Carl "CJ" JohnsonJune 1, 2010 at 3:54 PM

    Always good stuff!

  3. Hi Christina - You always come up with the best stuff. Love your blog.

  4. Great stuff, Christina. I can hear Dr. TL's influence.

    Have you read ?

    (shameless plug)

  5. Absolutely hit home here today... Thanks again for you faithfulness to touch so many of our lives... Love you much, kellie

  6. Thanks for sharing your opinion.I am very pleased to read after this superb blog.


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