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Sunday, May 16, 2010

My Groovy Granny

     I placed the dreaded call - AGAIN.  "Hi is Grandma there?" "Hang on, I'll find her."  Once located, "Hello there, Christina, what are you up to today?" (still chipper because I haven't dropped the bomb yet)  I gulped involuntarily. "Hello my wonderful grandmother." said I in my sweetest voice.  Not sure why, but she never reciprocates my tone when I talk to her like that. "Oh GOD. Now what do you want?"  (Well excuse me lady, if you didn't want me bugging you to sew stuff, then you shouldn't have learned how to do it in the first place, you know, like thirty years before I was born.
   This time it was a pretty simple request, and as always, last-minute.  I asked her (via Facebook - She's deep into digital agriculture.) to do it at 8am this morning.  She was at my house cutting material at 8:45.  Today, at church, the 6-12 year old class hosted a 60's/70's themed Sunday.  Lucy's outfit was groovy enough, but I felt her pant bottoms could use a little more oomph in the bells.  Granny came over, cut, sewed, rebuked me for my lack of foresight, and watched the munchkins while I enjoyed a shower before church, AND (bonus) she did my dishes. We were out the door at 9:25.  Yay!
     Thanks, Grandma (Gloria), for all the outfits, even the SIMPLE:) (total sarcasm there) ones that made you pop pills and see spots for days. (Note: Apparently, some patterns on material, can cause severe trauma if you stare closely at them for several hours. See my psychedelic dandy below.) 
    The photos with Michael and I are from a Groovy Sunday and some sort of space-themed Sunday ten years ago.  The one with the girls and me is a snapshot of my "Divine Divas", the beauties in my bunk at summer camp.  Grandma made my costumes for all of these.  I never imagined back then, she'd be creating them for my kids just years later.  Grandma, I  found a bible verse that describes you well.

Psalm 37:26 (Amplified Bible)

"All day long they (Gloria) are merciful and deal graciously; they lend, and their offspring (ME :p) are blessed."

Thanks much!

All other photos were taken this morning, a decade later, in the same place, directed by the same never-ceasing, faithful children's pastors, Mr Chuck and Miss (really Mrs. but she likes the young feeling of Miss) Becky Siglow, who were there back in the day, training up Michael in the way he should go.  You guys blow me away.

PS.  This is NOT a photo of Mr. Chuck and Mrs. Becky.  These cool cats are teachers, Desiree Jinks (one of the Divas above, if you can believe it), and Emily Siglow.

 If you're looking for a church to attend, I HIGHLY suggest this one,  Faith City Church. If you are not fortunate enough to live close enough to physically attend, you can still see all the action online.  I thoroughly enjoy the videos, podcasts, and blogs connected to the website.  

Have I told you I love you?



  1. If I was your grandma, I would be teaching you how to sew lol, but then those are good reasons to connect with her, I'm sure!

  2. Oh, how she's tried Maggie, Oh, how she's tried. I made Christmas stockings for the kids one time, but they came out with holes in the bottoms. I told the kids that they were there so you can suck the goodies out the bottom, like an ice cream cone.

  3. Thank you Christina for making me cry sooo early in the morning! Your the first born grandchild so what if I spoil you. Your a good kid [women now] so don't ever change [except in the last minute thing]. I get a headache just looking at that dress...2 hours she says and 8 hours later thats what you get! Love you very much!! :)

  4. Love these shots!!!
    Your Granny rocks big time!

  5. Aw! I'm coming to steal your granny! Better figure out what outfits need touch-ups while you have the chance 'cause granny's coming to the D!!!


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