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Monday, May 3, 2010

Not by the hairs on my chinny chin chin...

    My new friend, Ebony (Hi, E!) recently wrote about how you never know who is watching you.  Just days later someone sent me this message, "I follow you on Facebook and I read your daily blog posts.  You seem genuinely happy and your life seems so perfect.  How do you do it?  Are you just naturally positive or are you (I don't mean to offend you I just really am looking for some answers) on some sort of medication?  Please tell me the secret to a happy life."
I'm excited to answer this one.  Here goes.

   1.  Nope, no dope.
   2.  I'm sure I've out-meaned Satan himself on occasion, so don't go canonizing me just yet:)
   3.  Storms of life do come my way because tragedy and pain are an inescapable (not the way God wanted it  - Read more in Genesis.) part of human life.  But here's the difference you recognized in my life:

I have a solid faith in a living Savior who guides me daily and never leaves me.  He gives me grace to withstand the hardships.  And when the big bad wolf of life wants to blow me down and consume me,  he might as well just save his breath, because my Shelter, (Jesus Christ) is unshakable.  Christ shows me daily His love for me.  Even in the midst of losing a child, I had strength.  There were (and sometimes still are) tears.  There were (are) questions.  But His grace was (is) sufficient to get me (and you, too!) through the storms.  Jesus himself says it better than I could.  He explains it here in Matthew 7: 24-27

                        CLICK HERE!-(No great spiritual lesson, but it made me smile)

I hope this helps.  Although I'm no "Dear Abby", I will do my best to answer any questions from anybody.  Hugs to you all!



  1. LOVE this!! I'm with ya babe, I'm SOOOO grateful for His grace that brings us delightfully through! :)


  2. Ok, I had to stop and do the "YAY I'M IN CHRISTINA'S BLOG" Happy dance! Whoo-hoo...Yay!!! Ok! I'm done now!!!

    2. I'm sure I've out-meaned Satan himself on occasion, so don't go canonizing me just yet:)

    Love the way that you keep it SO real and SO sweet all at once!!!
    Yes... get behind the unshakable Jesus because with Him we certainly can weather the storms! Storms will come but we have to let our focus be on what God can do and not on ourselves or what we fear. God's so awesome that you can tell Him Lord I believe you but I still have all these old bad habits I can't shake and He'll help you with those too!

  3. You've made me smile [twice] again today! :) Keep up the awesome work! Love you more than you will ever know!

  4. You are truly an inspiration, Dear Christina. When you lost Isaac, my heart ached so for you and Michael. My eyes are overflowing with tears even now as I write this. What would we ever do without our gracious, loving Heavenly Father?


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