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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I SAW him do it. Thanks Dad.

    I remember as a kid going through the checkout lane at the grocery store with my dad.  The lady in front of us was carefully reviewing her items on the counter.  She paid with food stamps.  The clerk took her food stamps and explained to her that something was wrong with them (I was too little to understand that part of it).  She started to tear up as she began to gather her items to put them back.  But she never had to do that.  My dad said, "Ma-am, leave your things where they are."  He then paid for them himself.  I've witnessed him do that more than once.  Now grown,  I've been faced with similar situations in the checkout aisle.  But thanks to Dad, I know just what to do.  He didn't explain it to me.  He SHOWED me.  I could tell lots of these stories, wonderful things my dad did.  But I think I'll save them for future entries.

   Parents, your kids are watching you.  Are you teaching them how to steal cable, cheat the government? Or are they seeing you make people's lives better. What will you SHOW them that will make them great human beings?  Be like my dad.  Do something simple that makes people ask you if you're an angel.  My dad's answer to that was always, "No ma-am. I'm just a decent human being."  Thanks for the life lessons Dad.  To me, you're so much more than just a "decent human being".  You're a hero.

If you'd like to share a great lesson taught by your dad (or another person), leave a comment.  I'd love to hear about it!


  1. This is such an inspiration! Sometimes it's so easy to just go on about our day, that it's easy to forget that little eyes are always watching everything we do, each reaction we make, every word that's uttered. Makes me take a good look at my life... I wonder what it looks like from the outside looking in. I want my kids to see what you saw in your dad!


    PS... I'm a follower through google reader ;)

  2. This is just amazing... Thanks for sharing

  3. Fantastic. I learned from my Mom that you always have something to give to others. Whether it be a bigger tip, your time, or the clothes out of your closet. She is a remarkable woman. She'll be here next Sunday...I would love for you to meet her. :)

  4. Once again you've done it. You seem to be on the same wave as me most days. Two days ago, the kids and I were in this same situation. A young man was trying to buy himself a frozen pizza. He was probably around his mid twenties. After his coupon and kroger discount, his pizza came to $2.77. He did not have enough and so he started to leave, but hesitated. He turned around and asked the cashier if he could have his coupon back. As she was digging through the coupon bag and not finding it, I could tell he was getting more and more embarrased. I reached over and grabbed the already bagged pizza, handed it to him and told the cashier to add my things to his bill and I would pay for all of it. This man was so grateful, I thought he was going to cry. He tried to give me the only dollar he had and was even going to go outside and try and find change on the ground for the rest. I handed him his dollar and told him to just go and do something nice for someone else. He streached out his hand and shook mine, with a glimpse of a tear in his eye, he said thank you. I must say, it was one of the best moments of my week. To think of the things I hear people complain about, Cable bills, coffee creamer, little barley noticable scratches on their car...etc the list goes on and on. And here was this man, so happy over a $2.77 pizza. Thanks for giving us something to think about Christina.....How would Jesus have handled this situation? Turned his back or invited him to dinner? I have to ask your readers a question (I hope you don't mind) If you really sit and think about it. Givien your busy lives and schedules, would you have noticed this Man? If so what would you have done? Smiles

  5. @Christina:
    Yup, that's our dad! Such a great person. I try my best to follow in such a way.

    PS. Great post, as usual.

    You also a very nice person, thanks for sharing that story.


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