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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I heart Thomas because...

So, here it is - my blog. I didn't think I'd ever do it but now the time has come. My thoughts are now public domain. If you like them, tell me. If you don't, well, you can still tell me but please be as nice about it as you can muster. And now I'd like to present my very first entry...

I heart Thomas (the one from the bible, he was a follower of Jesus who got to spend time with Him) because... he was a lot like me.

He saw Jesus do amazing things. He knew first-hand the miracles, saw them with his own eyes. Just like me.

He had child-like faith and ideas which Jesus loved him for. Just like me.

Jesus told the disciples that His friend Lazarus had died. Jesus then told them to view this as a good thing because what He was going to do next would cause them to REALLY believe. Jesus said, "Come, let's go see Lazarus." To which Thomas enthusiastically replied, "Let's go too - and die with Jesus."

Sweet Thomas. It never crossed his mind that Jesus would raise Lazarus from the dead. But he did think it would be quite the adventure for the whole group to die so they could visit with their buddy on the "other side."

I bet Jesus smiled the way I smiled when my daughter thought the word deadline meant getting your work done before the boss kills you.

And like Thomas, I am often amazed and surprised at the ways His plans unfold. I misunderstand Him often I'm sure. But just like He smiled at Thomas, He smiles at me. And eventually, I do get it. It's fun, believing the Bible. If you don't understand everything in it -it's ok. Thomas and I don't understand everything either, but we have a great relationship with Jesus. And that makes Jesus smile.

You can read what I read about Thomas today in the Bible. At the top of the page it says John. It is in chapter 11 and there are some smaller numbers too. The story is between the little numbers 1 and 41. Or another way it can be written is John 11: 1-41

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  2. Christina, you have such a unique perspective. And you're so sincere and transparent. That's why I know you are loved, and people will love your blog.

  3. Thanks for keeping it simple. You will connect with people who are looking for a simple gospel kept simple.

  4. I just replied to another of your posts talking about a child-like faith! I'm thinking that I need to go and sit with God for a spell now!!! This blog is so very awesome! I'm gonna encourage my 14 year old daughter to subscribe. May God continue to bless you!

  5. I am headed to have another cup of joe and read this story and very excited...

  6. Welcome, welcome, welcome to bloggyland. I love your collage and think it is just right. :)

  7. you're such a gem...colorful, shinny, priceless!


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