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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Protective Services Anyone?

  It was just Noah and myself today, and I had an itch to play with the irresistible blonde creature.  Feeling more than a bit sluggish after a series of popcorn nights, I put on a pot of coffee.  As my French roast brewed, we engaged ourselves in our favorite game, mom-hides-behind-kitchen-island-and-yells "Boo!" as-toddler-approaches,  while toddler politely screams and shrieks even though he sees the whole thing coming - about thirty times.  Thirty times about did me in, so naturally we moved on to another favorite.  Mom-lies-on-floor-while-two-year-old-crawls-and-jumps-all-over-her game.  Somehow, in the mist of the pile driving, I must've fallen asleep.  I woke up all tingly, like bloodflow to my lower body had completely ceased.  Noah was sitting on me, eating Cheez-Its out of a box that looked like it had been shaken apart by a bulldog, watching Curious George on PBS kids. (The TV wasn't on when I entered my comatose state.)
    Alarmed by my unintentional nap, I made my way to the still-full coffee pot.  Crunch, crunch... I looked down.  Ahh, Cheerios, and a shredded cereal box that perfectly matched the Cheez-It packaging.

  Parenting life gives you many options.  You can grumble about the messes and extra work, or you can let your eyes water with the thought that these messy moments are so fleeting.

     I chose to smile as we finished the episode of Curious George side by side, sipping coffee and juice, as we ate crackers off the floor.  And now, my faithful blog readers, I must bid you ado, as I scurry off to tidy up todays adventures.  I leave you with a beautiful quote from my friend Drea.

"Life's full of uncertainty. Pivotal moments can change the course of the journey & your outlook towards it. Optimism fuels endurance for adventures unknown." - Drea Jewell



  1. I love this picture. It's cute how the name colors match his shirt. :) Funny story!

  2. Sounds like a really fun morning!

  3. At least he stayed away from the hot pot, know how to intertain himself and he knows where to find food. Everything a toddler needs to taugh him well Christina! This is really a cute picture and i need it to hang on my wall!! hint hint

  4. hey thanks! i feel famous or somethin :)))


  5. Love this quote. What a brilliant little man you have there. He took care of you while you napped. Love it. ;)


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