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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Attencion! : Quarte Tres Chique Pour Moins que 9 Euros!

I'm thinking fancy thoughts today - hence the title "en francais".  I'm also thinking, "I hope no French speakers read that, 'cause, I'm pretty much just fakin' it."   
Today, I just couldn't hold out any longer.  I satisfied my "treasure-hunting" itch.  My daily "bedroom decor" discussions with Lulu have pushed us both into a state of ravenous obsession.  (I'm finally discovering a side of her that ISN"T Michael.) We are going to rock out her new room like no room has ever been rocked (well, at least cheaper than any room has ever been rocked).  As per her request, we are going with a black and white room, with teal ("Mom, you know that color that is in the yellow crayon box? It's called blue-green, I think, yeah, blue green.") accents.  Here are some things I collected at a local thrift store.
I LOVE decorating with clothes. It sounds crazy, but a nail, a cute hanger, and the right outfit, can become a really cool statement piece.
Remember that photo of the lamps that inspired us so much? I found two that pleaded with me in the store.  "Choose us! Choose us!", they cried.  I exuberantly answered them - out loud.  I wish I could stop talking to inanimate objects in public.  I know I look like a lunatic. (Do lamps beckon to other people too?  Maybe I am slightly mad ...)

 Pair the new treasures with these nifty things we already had,
and we have the beginnings of a totally "Lucy" living space.

And, dun dun dun! (that was suspense music) to stay true to the purpose of this blog, I must tell you why things like this inspire my daughter and I.  You see, we have been given the "mind of Christ".  We see beauty and possibility in things that some might consider junk.  Christ sees immeasurable beauty in you, regardless how you may be treated by others, or how you view yourself even.  If you give yourself completely over to Him, he'll shine you right up.  And when all the dust and gook is removed, you'll recognize yourself as the treasure He saw all along. 

A tout a l' heure!

Christina Lusk


  1. I love this post for so many reason Christina!

    You have such a wonderful heart. So many Moms get wrapped up into how things "Look" and they miss out on the bonding experience. She will love her room for years to come because you helped her create it. Literally create it.
    Your heart for God just amazes me. Who knew a post about a kids room could show people God?

    I love reading your blog. It's one of my favorites!

    You win Mom of the year award!

  2. What Ashlee rock Christina! Seriously. ;)

  3. I'm dying laughing at your lovely french and theme music! You're just to funny lady!!!!


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