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Friday, October 1, 2010

Daydream believer and a homecoming scene...

To save you the immense effort of clicking a tab, I am going to summarize yesterday's entry.  We found a house.  We LOVED it.  We placed a bid, so did many other people.  We gave God liberty to intervene on our behalf.  That pretty much brings us up to the present.

We got "the call".  It was a call of congratulations.  We (the right reverend and myself) leaped onto the ottoman at the same time and jumped up and down on it like a couple of screamy school girls. (I changed my password on this account, Michael, so don't waste your time trying to delete that.) And just because you're all (as in the five or so of you who will probably read this sometime before next year) so interested in what it looks like,  I bummed some photos of my new dwelling offline just before the listing post was removed from the internet.
This is my staircase.  (giggle, giggle... I have a staircase!)
Living room - (Notice the French entry doors!)
Two car garage, full basement, master suite, green shutters... 

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To the left of the upstairs window is a Hall of closets leading to a huge master bath.
Of course, there are some things yet to do to make it 100% us.  But, I think that's half the fun of getting a new house.  Don't you?

PS.  Thank you, God.  Your guidance, goodness, mercy, faithfulness, and peace are responsible for everything good in our lives, but right now, ESPECIALLY OUR HOUSE! 

Also, please enjoy this llama.


  1. Congratulations!!!!! That's amazing! I cannot wait until we find a house. The kitchen is superb!
    I am jumping up and down for you..but on the inside ;)

  2. Looks like an awesome house!! Congratulations! Better put into Santa Claus that you want a snowblower for Christmas!! LOL How many bedrooms since you didn't mention anything about a room for Lucy and Noah? There moving there too i take it! ha ha Does this also mean that there is painting in my future? Loved the pics!

  3. God is Good! We are so excited for you all;-]
    Love you much,
    The Poehners

  4. Praise God! We are so excited for you and your new home! :) LOVE it!! There's nothing like home, truly.


  5. HAHAHAHA! amazing! i love the llama... i have two llama books that Lorelai just loves & that pic made me giggle. her cousin Kristi asks her all the time, "Lorelai, what's a llama say?" and she goeS "blaaaaah" HAHAHA :) i should have her perform that impression for you sometime :)

    love you woman.

    Dr. Dré

  6. First of all, YAY, WHOO HOO (jumping on my couch!!!) ok, not really, I don't want to break it. But, YES, PRAISE GOD!!!!!! CONGRATS TO YOU BOTH!!!
    Second, that llama and stinkin' hilarious, you crack me up!

    Love you.

  7. I know the after pics are gonna knock my socks off!!! CONGRATS!!!

  8. Groovy!!! Oh, did I just give my age away? Anyway, it looks awesome! Love the striped carpet! - Carl "CJ" Johnson


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