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Thursday, September 30, 2010

House... louse, mouse, spouse...

    What to write, what to write?   Hmm.... I have a terribly daunting task before me.  I must weave my day and my thoughts into a journal entry that both amuses the reader, and communicates the heart of God, without sounding like just a buncha' hoo-hah.  Can I do it?  It's too late in the day to contract one of those "Boy, I need a day off", handy-dandy guest bloggers.  So, without further ado, here is my greatest attempt:

       Monday evening, we ventured out once again, in search for "our" house.  We have been looking at homes for what seems like an eternity.  Up 'til now, none of the homes had fit the bill.  It's not that they weren't lovely (Ok, a few of them were the opposite of lovely),  but, Michael and I have very specific tastes, unfortunately they are not collectively specific.  I, being the realistic one in this marriage, lean more towards the practical amenities, like, charm, French doors, green shutters, and a willow tree.  He, however, also had a list of things he REALLY wanted in a home, mostly non-essentials, like non-leaky plumbing, and a newer roof...
     After blabing on and on to the Lord, about our wants and desires, sounding very much like children who are allowed to watch TV commercials in December,  we were confident that God had a relatively complete idea of what were looking for in a house.
     And, back to Monday evening... We FOUND the house - spacious, lovely, green shutters and all!  We had the pre-approval letter.  We made an offer above what they were asking.  Oh yeah, we sealed the deal. Except for the million phone calls the next day about how everybody and their mother had also placed a bid.  My first reaction was like, "Step off, people.  That's my crib." or, jack our offer up to something that may have jeopardized us financially.  But, I was prompted by a voice inside me to instead, "Be still and know that He is God".  
       We are supposed to have an answer about winning the bid by tomorrow evening.  I am anxious for nothing... I am anxious for nothing... I am...   Really, I am not freaking out about it.  Am I madly in love with this place?  Yes. Am a certain beyond a doubt that this is our house?  No.  But, I won't be disheartened if it doesn't work out, because I know if we don't get it, It is because my Dad has something even better up His sleeve.  You see, He's never let me down.  And it's just better to not freak out about stuff.  See my posts titled, Don't get mad....

Be still,


PS.  This wasn't my most humorous or coherent post, so I thought I'd make up for it with this picture of a duck.


  1. Such a Great post! I loved reading it. And the picture totally made my day :)

  2. The duck deserves his own blog entry. We will be praying for the crib with the green shutters.

  3. I love your perspective! It's the PERFECT way to look at it all, though not always easy to do. Great post. Can't wait for good news, whatever it might be :)


  4. I think that duck is looking at me...


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