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Thursday, September 9, 2010

another half-baked post...

Thought of the day #1

Heaven is highly populated with children... so, does it get messy there too?   'Cause, when I'm dead I think I'd enjoy an eternal break from dishes and picking up Leggos.  I'll be happy to wash Jesus's feet, but the buck stops there.

                           Warning: completely unrelated material to follow

Today, I helped my grandma pull up the last of the carrots in her garden.  And I thought it would be nice (since she's making me, YET ANOTHER COSTUME), to make her some carrot cupcakes.

I ended up having more batter than cupcake liners, which led me to:
Thought of the day #2
What happens when you make a pancake out of regular cake batter?
So far so good...

Hmm... We'll never do that again, probably.

Well, at least the cupcakes turned out nicely.

I aint, double, got no, negative, cream cheese so I guess I'll be frosting these babies tomorrow.
Perhaps my "helpers" will be assisting me then as well.

I leave their stools out, just in case.

Live well, my Bloggies.



  1. Guess I should have thrown in some cupcake liners too huh? They do look pretty good!

  2. Great blog. Good to see you haven´t changed your cooking habits on account of me being God. Burnt offerings to the Lord. Actually, you are a great cook. Even if I never got fat.

  3. OOPS!! That was supposed to say ON ACCOUNT OF ME BEING GONE. Way to sound arrogant!

  4. Yum...those cupcakes look yummy. :)


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