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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Church, it's not just for prudes anymore.

    Hi there!

     We're approaching Autumn quickly now, and I can happily report that my plans to get a book into print by the end of Fall are coming along just swimmingly.  Fall of which year, I will disclose in a future entry.  Just kidding.  I hope to have you all buying it up as a Christmas gift for someone who might actually enjoy my so-so grammar and corny jokes.... Ok, think of who you could give it to.... Oh, come now, there must be someone...

    And other matters...

   My brain is all frizzly wizzly today.... I could write about the neighbors enthusiastically chanting my name this morning, as I did a fifty meter dash in stilettos. (I thought my two-year-old was right behind me as  I opened the car door to buckle him in.  I was sadly mistaken.  Stealthy little guy.)

   Or, the incredibly cheesy joke my pastor opened with. "Guy is checking out at the grocery store.  Bagger asks, "Paper or Plastic, Sir?"  Guy replies, "Either one,  I'm bisacksual."  -  I know, we didn't laugh either.

     But, I've got this gnawing feeling that I should be telling you all something very insightful, something that will lift your spirits, challenge you,  and set you on the right path... the one leading you into greatness.

      So, I will tell you what did that for me today.   Today, I went to a great church.  The people were friendly and the Pastor taught from the Bible.  There was nothing religious or ceremonious about it.  Everyone there was dressed rather comfortably, except pour moi.  (Note: - You may think you look stylish in high heels and chandelier earings...but chasing a toddler through the mud, and having your piercings widened by a millimeter by chubby tugging fingers, in public, really just makes you look silly.)  The scriptures in the bible were explained in a loving manner by someone who genuinely wanted to help folks.  The music was good, and the words were on a screen so I could sing along.  The kids were having a blast in their classes, while they learned valuable life lessons as well.  We were given a sheet of notes that we could review and learn even more when left church.... I had a great time...

     Do I go to church every Sunday?... Pretty much, yeah.  Sometimes, I'm the one behind the pulpit (the thing the preacher stands behind and reads his/her notes.  Except for my pastor can't stay still, so it's just there for looks.)

   "Christina, what are you trying to say?"

If you don't have a church, you should consider finding one.  Reading the Bible is awesome.  Praying is fantastic.  But, the Bible says we should also meet together with other Christians.   I highly, highly, HIGHLY RECOMMEND going to a church that is lively, FUN, and does things to help others. You can use this one as a model.  (Ok, I'm bias because you might find a picture of me on the site.)


 Hebrews 10:25

       Not forsaking or neglecting to assemble together [as believers], as is the habit of some people, but admonishing (warning, urging, and encouraging) one another...

I sure hope this helps somebody today....    I really care.  Love you's

    The Incredible Edible - Wait.  I mean,  The Exraordinary Ordinary Me. 

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  1. YOU NEED TO GET STARTED ON THE BOOK TODAY...bisackual, really now that is to funny. Hurry now start with the end and work forward!! LOL Love you soooooooooo much!


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